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Our team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, bringing a diverse blend of expertise and experience in food business strategy and sustainability, finance, data analytics, culinary arts, research, agricultural development, and communications. Meet the people who make our work possible.

Dana Gunders
Alexandria Coari
Angel Veza
Alejandro Enamorado
Lily Herd
Jackie Suggitt
Jeffrey Costantino
Vanessa Mukhebi
Shawn Shepherd
Katy Franklin

Key Emeritus Team Members

In addition to our current team, ReFED would not be where it is today without the hard work and vision of the following individuals

Board of Directors

Our Board is comprised of leaders in the business, technology, philanthropic, and nonprofit sectors who inform the organization’s strategic initiatives, offer technical expertise, and collectively provide a holistic analysis of the challenges and opportunities for food waste reduction.

Nicola Dixon
Eduardo Romero
Steve Swartz
Jesse Fink
Stacey Greene-Koehnke
Emily Ma
Charles C. Savitt
Yalmaz Sidiqqui

Past Board & Steering Committee Members

Advisory Council

ReFED’s strength has long rested in the power of the people who surround, advise, and contribute to our work. The Advisory Council is a group of thought leaders helping to provide expert input to ReFED’s priority programs and long-term strategy. 

Food Waste Action Network

The ReFED Food Waste Action Network (FWAN) is a group of over 300  individuals and organizations who share their knowledge and time on key projects at ReFED, as well as connect with, teach, and learn from their FWAN peers. FWAN members bring perspectives from all parts of the food system and a diverse set of backgrounds. Together, they are influencing and strengthening impactful food waste reduction work in pursuit of our shared goal: a 50% reduction in food waste by the year 2030.

FWAN is free and open to anyone. Members of FWAN will have access to a wide range of resources and events including:

- Meet new solution providers, funders, food businesses, government agencies, academics, consultants, and researchers with similar food waste reduction goals.
- Gather with leaders from relevant sectors to discuss specific food waste topics and share insights, lessons learned, existing initiatives, and opportunities for collaboration or project development.
- Get early access to tickets for ReFED events like the ReFED Food Waste Summit and Innovation Workshop.

2. Office Hours
Connect directly with ReFED staff with questions regarding your food waste reduction strategy or the Insights Engine and Roadmap to 2030

3. Lunch 'n' Learns
Learn from leaders and experts across the food system on various food waste topics including: the climate x food waste connection, how policy and infrastructure plans under the new administration can fight food waste, the role of blended finance vehicles in scaling innovation in food waste solutions, and more.

4. Innovation Demo Days
Hear about and see the latest innovations helping food businesses fight food waste!

5. Blogs & Case Studies
Share your insights and amplify your work via case studies and articles highlighted on ReFED’s website and blog.

6. Events & Opportunities
Be the first to know about and share upcoming food waste events and opportunities with ReFED’s network.

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